Grow investments is an international asset management company that offers innovative enhanced investment options with higher returns and measured risk. We use sophisticated and tested investment strategies which are based on mathematical rules and econometric models, in order to select a blend of financial products that produce the optimal outcome. Our product can be classified as a smart beta strategy which exploits findings of significant correlations among targeted derivative instruments as a result of our mathematical models.

Our investments horizon is 3+ years due to the nature of our strategy. Expected average annual return is around 30% gross.

Our main trading vehicle is an investment model with trading history of 9 years and with Sharpe ratio of over 4 (model chart presented below). Due to its high volatility we reduce the portfolio risk by blending it with other low volatility instruments and by hedging against unexpected market conditions. The aim is to produce an optimal portfolio with well balanced return and standard deviation.

We invest together

Grow Investments places its own capital in the same way it does for its clients. We make money only if you do.

Transparency and visibility

We believe it is a great advantage to be able to put your money somewhere where you could see exactly what is happening to it.

All our activities are transparent. Every client can monitor all the account activities and trades. We offer full visibility of clients’ finances and transparency of fee structure. Clients can also deposit or withdraw money at any moment without penalties.


You can use the “Live Chat” service on our website every working day regarding any question you might have.

General investing

Retirement plan

With Grow Investments you can speed up the growth of your IRA account and truly secure your retirement by achieving the highest goals. Take advantage of our successful investment strategy and leave the management of your IRA account to us. If you don’t have an IRA account you can easily set it up and transfer your current retirement plan to it while keeping the tax benefits.

Grow Investments offers an easy to use retirement plan by managing your IRA account and achieving much higher returns than any other alternative. Invest early and maximize your tax-free and compound returns!


We use our investment strategy to offer the best alternative to the pension plans. Our strategy is perfect for long-term investors who want to add personal contribution to their accounts on a constant base and secure much higher income in future.


The funds are kept on your own IRA account created at Interactive Brokers (licensed IRA custodian), and we are simply authorized to place trades on your behalf using our strategy.

Rollover: If you already have a retirement plan (for example 401k) you can easily rollover your accumulated funds to the IRA account while keeping the tax benefits.

Traditional IRA or Roth IRA: You can choose between Traditional IRA or Roth IRA accounts according to your preferences.

Minimum investment to open the account: $5,000.

Our mission is to allow your account balance to grow regularly over years. Only in this occasion we would fulfill our goal and benefit together with you. To have a better understanding of our retirement plan take a look at our explainer video or use our calculator below to get the expected value of your account after a certain period of time and see the difference with our retirement plan.


3 years

How we manage to achieve higher returns?

Expected returns are much higher compared to other alternatives, while keeping the risk at the same level. Besides our investment strategy which presents our competitive edge and is the key driver of our business model, we manage to increase the returns even more and focus solely on performance thanks to our low-cost and flexible business structure and different tax treatment in our incorporation country.

Traditional pension plans are expensive to run and their expenses usually need to be covered by your funds. They care more about the size and not about the performance. Contrary, we manage your funds by implementing our investment model and as a result we only make profits if our investments are successful. By building a portfolio of strategies and sub-strategies where capital can be deployed in a low risk and high return manner, we focus primarily on chasing performance rather than just asset gathering!

How it works?


Set your goals and choose your Grow product


You get your own account set up as soon as possible


Relax and enjoy while we work for you



High quality and low cost

We use smart-beta investment strategies which enable diversification but also correlation with world indices combined with low volatility positions while hedged against market shocks. The strategies are quantitative, based on mathematical and econometric models with very strong statistical significance. Clients’ expenses are low and depend mostly on Grow-team successful investing. We manage to keep the clients’ expenses low by operating on a low-cost business platform.


Strong management and partnership with various experts

Our team is a mix of skilled young and experienced experts with rich international experience in fields of finance, investment banking, financial engineering, mathematics and IT. Our cooperation with specialists from USA and EU and numerous investment companies in form of advisory and recommendations, confirm our dedication and commitment to offer high quality solutions to our clients.


Successful investment strategies and strong performance

The core of our investment strategies are solid-base models with strong scientific support and proven track record of nine years. Sharpe ratio value which is greater than 4 is a rarity and certainly the strongest confirmation of our successful results. Our strategies have been tested against major risks and errors. The risk is precisely measured and balanced against the worst case scenarios in every moment, and most importantly it is correlated with global indices risk. This means that in a longer period without huge market disruptions or financial crisis, we expect the strong market outperformance and very high returns.